Corey McPherson Nash

Get It Right. Now. Or Never.

Xigo, Inc. had an amazingly helpful and valuable product but no story. Corey wanted to make sure the Xigo voice was heard loud and clear.

As businesses were moving from analog to digital, the problem of managing hundreds of bills arose across the market. The Xigo product line takes the cumbersome, time-consuming job of managing multiple bills and crushes it completely. But as cloud-based platforms were becoming increasingly available, Xigo needed to stand out in the Telecom Expense Management field and they needed to be recognized as a Software as a service (Saas). Thats when they reached out to Corey. In the race to the top for cloud-based solutions, Xigo now stands out in a crowded industry of mobile and fixed telecom expense management products and services.


Won 2011 Web Marketing Association Web Awards (Technology Standard of Excellence), 2012 Interactive Media Association Outstanding Achievement (Tech)

Corey + Xigo

Corey and Xigo have been working together since 2008. The thinking behind what it takes to distill something immense down to a meaningful message has impressed Xigo. Xigo needed to be innovative and Corey helped them navigate the whole experience - from offline to online - to truly give Xigo a story.

  • Responsive website
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Strategy and Design
  • Web Development
  • Tracking and Performance
  • Comprehensive rebranding strategy
  • Named the company and product suite
  • Strong brand positioning
  • Communicated directly to the end-users
  • Broadened customer base
  • Differentiated Xigo in the TEM marketplace
  • The company's value increased
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