Corey McPherson Nash

Brew what you love, simply

When Keurig was voted the 'Brand of the Year' in the 2012 Harris Poll EquiTrend Equity Study, Corey had much to celebrate.

Keurig came to Corey to revitalize the brand as it shifted to a market-driven company riding the crest in the fast growing single-cup coffee market. The company wanted to capitalize on its success in the away from home market to make a big move in the consumer space. At the time, Keurig had the top three coffee makers sold (in terms of dollars sold) mostly in offices and dealerships. Corey created a new identity and multi-channel strategy: logo, messaging, packaging, print, advertising, digital and social.


"Corey really brought our brand to life and presented it in a more exciting and ownable way. - John Whoriskey, General Manager Keurig At Home Division

Brand awareness increased from 16% to 61% in 3 years

Corey + Keurig

Corey began working with Keurig in 2009 initially to rebrand the company. From the beginning, the passion customers felt - and continue to feel - was overwhelming. Corey was able to capture the love for Keurig and use it to create a brand experience. When customers love something, they listen and share with a level of enthusiasm that makes it a pleasure to be a part of.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Campaigns Strategy
  • Campaign Execution: Digital and Social
  • Collateral
  • Performance Tracking
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