Corey McPherson Nash

Redefining Business in Society

High Meadows Institute is a nonprofit startup built on a visionary idea: That private corporations can and must take an active role in ensuring sustainable economic and social progress in today’s global society. The Institute intends to become the leading forum on business and social change, bringing together business leaders, academics and policy makers to build a social contract for the 21st century.

High Meadows needed a brand identity system that would reflect and communicate its mission. They also needed a website that would serve as the face and voice of the institution, with the immediate goal of generating attention, investment and employee interest.


“We are a new policy institute working on transformative ideas. Corey McPherson did an excellent job of translating our larger ambitions into a creative and accessible framework that has enabled us to successfully launch our new organization while giving us room to grow.”

—Chris Pinney, President of High Meadows Institute

Corey + High Meadows

After extensive research and interviews, plus some serious brainstorming (our favorite part), we created a logo, brand identity system, messaging architecture and website for the High Meadows Institute. The trick was to convey the institute’s visionary-bordering-on-edgy mission in an exciting way, while not scaring off more traditional-minded business leaders and academics. By all accounts, we pulled it off.

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Brand Identity System
  • Messaging Architecture
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