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E-Ink's innovations have captured the world's attention. As both fans and consumers, it was exciting to help them tell their story.

When Prime View International purchased E-Ink, they became the world's largest supplier of displays in the eBook industry. As the market boomed, the positive press flooded in and it became clear that a solid brand strategy was needed along with a world-class website. E-Ink asked Corey to define its brand story, present them as the innovative market leaders they are, and showcase the benefits of their technology. They also needed a way to introduce new products and support their ongoing brand promise and positioning.


At site launch, traffic increased 5 times

Over 50,000 views of the product video in the first week

Corey +
E Ink

When the Amazon Kindle hit the market, the prestige and buzz around E-Ink exploded. In 2009, COREY proactively reached out to E-Ink. The initial project included brand strategy, messaging, web design and a product video. Subsequent projects have included a video campaign supporting brand attributes and positioning.

  • Branding and Digital Communications
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy and messaging, project management, concept development
  • Videos
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