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Active Living Research is a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Among other things, it's a support system for Michelle Obama's battle against childhood obesity - and that's the kind of nonprofit the health nuts at Corey love to work with.

Active Living Research wanted to provide advocates, practitioners, and policymakers with easy access to their taxonomy of over 7,000 articles. The website wasn't simple for anyone to use as it was overloaded with studies and white papers that had no organization or classification. On the back end of the site, the content editors weren't able to easily update information and it was hard to call out and promote upcoming events. When the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gave a grant to redesign the website, including an upgrade to the backend, Active Living Research approached Corey for help.


Significant growth in Facebook, Twitter, and blog followers

Corey + ALR

Corey had collaborated with Burness Communications in the past. The mission at Burness is to work for nonprofits and when they recommended Corey as an agency Active Living Research should contact, the relationship is formed quickly in August 2011.

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