March 7, 2014

Women Step It Up Online

Making Education and Inspiration Available Like Never Before

Since the majority of the Corey talent pool is women, it’s only fitting we give a thoughtful nod to March’s  Women’s History Month —with a twist, of course. We’ll be focused not only on history, but women of all stages and ages — Gen X, Gen Y, Millenials, Baby Boomers, Seniors, etc.  Throughout the month of March our blog posts, monthly newsletter, and social media posts will provide readers with ideas, resources, examples and inspiration for women … and the people who know them.

This blog post features Women’s Websites.  The following are each imminently bookmark-able and remarkable. From Leadership and Politics to Health and Art, these are online destinations; practically bursting with information and inspiration.

The Shriver Report —

    “The Shriver Report is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary look at how American families live and work today, giving clear insight into one of the most important social trends of our time: the emergence of women into all areas of society.”

    From personal health to parenting, and social responsibility to salary negotiation, The Shriver Report provides guidance, information, and – perhaps most affecting – the sense that these issues and topics are important.

    Women’s Media Center —

      “… founded in 2005 as a non-profit progressive women’s media organization by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem … the WMC works with the media to ensure that women’s stories are told and women’s voices are heard …”

      As the most powerful and far-reaching tool for change, it’s surprising that the WMC wasn’t founded sooner to leverage and influence media for positive impact.  Maybe it just took the right women with clout to do it.

      Blogher —

        “…a new kind of media company, created in partnership by, for and with women, and men, who are leaders across blogs and social media and are passionately committed to quality content … the BlogHer community reaches an audience of 92 million across premium blogs, Web sites, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter (May 2013, Nielsen Site Census).”

        Pick a women’s topic, any topic – there’s a blog for that on BlogHer. More than an aggregator, the model is unique in that BlogHer accepts original posts as well as partial posts linking to independent blog sites, AND they believe bloggers should actually be paid for their work.

        Lean In —

          “The book ‘Lean In’ is focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do. LeanIn.Org is the next chapter.”

          Find news, features, education, community, and many relatable stories from women (and a few men) of every age and interest. A great looking, great reading site.

          The National Women’s History Museum —

            “The National Women’s History Museum currently raises awareness and honors women’s diverse experiences and achievements through its dynamic online museum, educational programs, scholarship and research.”

            Check out their current online exhibit: “From Ideas to Independence,” tracing the history of entrepreneurial women.

            Healthy Women –

              “HealthyWomen (HW) is the nation’s leading independent health information source for women. [Its] core mission is to educate, inform and empower women to make smart health choices for themselves and their families.”

              One part reference, one part blog site, one part network builder, Healthy Women presents a wealth of excellent information and facilitates communication.

              Women Arts –

              “WomenArts is a worldwide community of artists and allies that works for empowerment, opportunity, and visibility for women artists.”

              An excellent resource for information about funding for artists, events, women artists for social justice, employment in the arts, and plain old network building.

              The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) —

                “CAWP’s education and outreach programs translate research findings into action, addressing women’s under-representation in political leadership with effective, imaginative programs serving a variety of audiences.”

                A uniquely focused and deep resource for women in politics, or simply interested in politics. This site is a must-visit for the political woman.

                Huffpost Women —

                  “We have a women’s section because we really like identifying as female. Because we like its particular concerns. Because we like other women. Because while being a woman/girl is at times, well, a bitch, it’s also enormously rich and endlessly interesting.”

                  You’ll find an enormous range of curated content on this site – from STEM issues to “Lily Allen’s Thoughts on Feminism … “ In other words, there’s something here for every facet of every woman’s personality.

                  Naturally, this isn’t everything.  Have you encountered sites to add to this list?  Please share them with us and our readers below – we want to hear from you.

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