November 11, 2008

What’s Up with ‘g’?

Do I stand alone or am I one in a chorus of dissent about the new name and face of ‘g’, The Boston Globe’s section for Arts, Entertainment and Lifestyle?

Okay, I understand the rebranding was driven by economic factors under the guise of market research touting what Globe readers really want. As the press release says, “In creating ‘g’, we’ve sought to deliver a section that serves the needs and passions (of Globe readers).” But, to me, I just don’t get it. ‘g’ seems very generic and though it is a pretty letterform with loads of potential, it looks, feels and sounds like¬† a commodity. Let’s see… we already have the much better known Google “g” that shows up everyday in our search bars and the well-known phrases “g string” and “g spot”. What kind of company will this little “g” keep? I am certain the folks behind this effort spent a lot of time and care figuring out the relationship and legacy of the great The Boston Globe and this reworked, revitalized botoxed section. But having the “g” logo splashed in red and cropped at the top and bottom next to the magazine sections, make this little ‘g’ seem more like the red sheep of the Globe family.

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