August 3, 2012

Some of Our Favorite Brands

Some of the COREY team shared their insight into their favorite brands.  We asked folks to come forward with their favorite brand and their connection with it.  From the well-known MET to the unsung Bodum, we have pretty eclectic tastes and some surprising answers.  Take a look.

Angelina’s Pick:Bodum is one of my favorite brands.  I not only admire their great product design but also a cohesive high-quality experience across all touch-points of the brand.  Starting with the packaging, through desktop and mobile and ending with social it’s consistently strong, bold and recognizable.  They are the Apple of the food industry!”

Andrea’s Pick: Boden-“Because it is cheeky.”

Michael’s Pick:The Metropolitan Opera is not exactly “unsung” (yuk, yuk), but I have been impressed at how they have used sophisticated media to make their performances in New York available at very reasonable prices throughout the US through live HD technology in movie theaters. The quality of the camera work and sound is superb. They have also made recordings of their performances available for streaming on their website, and they have opened a store on iTunes.”

Ryan’s Pick:Criterion Collection–  “I think Criterion is a smart brand because they have a laser focus on their audience, fans of important classic and contemporary films.  They cater to movie fans’ uncompromising standards by sticking to high technical standards, impeccable package design and gathering original supplements to the films.  They have been smart about making the transition to video on demand by selecting Hulu Plus over Netflix as their streaming partner to preserve their brand identity.  Through their website and Facebook page they give their followers ways to share their excitement about film through creative contests and user profiles.”

Alisa’s Pick: Stop & Shop • “I save money
 because they give you additional coupons on the card
.  I save time by
 touching groceries once as they go into the bag, weighing and pricing my produce in advance
, not having to move my groceries onto the conveyer belt and then rebag them.
  Check out is quick and painless
.  Additional bonus:  They email me about product recalls
 and you can use your own phone to scan products in the store or use a store–supplied wand.”

Liz’s Pick: ZipCar-“I use Zipcar frequently and have many points of contact with the Zipcar brand – from their web application, mobile application, through email and social media, and through driving the cars themselves.  Since I’ve joined, I’ve admired their consistently great communication across all of these channels.  If I ever thought an aspect of the experience could be improved, it always seems to be addressed in the next email notification or application update.  I feel I can rely on Zipcar to keep finding new and innovative ways to make the experience even better.”

Marisa’s Pick: Neutrogena-“Consistency of products across all lines (skin care, cosmetics, hair products etc).  Lives up to my expectations each time.  Have never been disappointed!”

Nadya’s Pick:Moleskine is an Italian brand of notebooks.  Beautifully crafted, these notebooks keep my thoughts, sketches and ideas. High-quality cover and paper, elastic band to hold the pages, inside pockets to populate the notebook with “outsider” notes it all makes the experience very personal. I never throw the used ones away, the old notebooks are somewhat like “time capsules” which can be fun to go back to.”

See the logos of our some of our favorite brands here:

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