February 14, 2012

Valentines’ Thoughts from the folks that bring you Thoughtful Branding and Design

From the hearts, hands and eyes of those who make up COREY, take a look at some of our thoughtful remembrances of Valentine’s Day.

“For my first Valentine’s Day with my now-husband — a model train collector — I randomly purchased a book about the history of passenger locomotives. The bookstore didn’t have a vast selection of train books; I think I had a choice of three. Having known him for all of 6 weeks, I was not aware of his extensive book collection, nor of his specific interests. I was simply picking out a “train book.”

“When I presented the gift to him, as it turned out he did not have this book! And had been wanting to purchase it for himself for years. How’s that for a lucky find? Guess that’s what he thought too. He proposed a few months later.”

A Heartstorm

“One time I got a backpack full of candies. Literally hundreds of candies were packed in a backpack”.

“I like simple gestures the most. Finding a hand-written note in my lunch box made my day!”

“One of the sweetest gifts I ever received was a colorful potted “Plant” made with small construction paper hands of my child which represented the flower petals.  The pot was decorated with pink, red and white hearts and sweet sayings.  Very sweet.  I love anything with a handprint from a small child.”

“This is sappy but you asked… I once woke up to a room filled with heart confetti and chocolate kisses everywhere. It was really sweet so I didn’t mind picking hearts up for the next week”.

Icy Hearts

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