May 22, 2014

“This is how designers party”

Ready, Set, Design!

Corey’s Senior Designer, Liz Carter, entered the ring on May 14th for AIGA and Shutterstock’s “Pixels of Fury” challenge at HOW Design Live. The concept of the competition is simple, although many designers would find it intimidating. Six designers. Six desktop computers. And giant jumbotrons. The designers sit and compete in front of a live audience to conceive and create professional quality inspirational posters at breakneck speed. Judges look on as the contestants compete in 20-minute design rounds. In the championship round, the last two standing designers switch topics. He or she who designs the topic the most successfully wins.

Liz, a graduate of RISD and award winning designer at Corey, has taken her share of improv comedy classes so she was up to the challenge of designing on the fly! Over 100 audience members looked on and cheered as the six talented contestants, from various industries and disciplines, worked. Judges of the posters included Adam Larson of Adam&Co and Clif Stoltze of Stoltze Design.

The sporting-event-like atmosphere, although probably nothing like their normal working conditions, was a reminder that design is about talent and even fun. Shutterstock even tweeted during the event, “This is how designers party.”

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