November 5, 2010

The Most Thoughtful Quotes from Corey’s Making the Most with Mobile Event

Here’s a compilation of what we think were the most provocative and insightful comments our panelists made at Corey’s 11.3 event on Making The Most with Mobile.

Alex Laats, General Partner, Commonwealth Capital Ventures

“The mobile apps marketplace has reduced the friction on developers and reduced barrier of entry.”

“I think mobile can save publishers. Example: 2D barcodes that connect, enhance the print content via mobile.”

“Both content and apps have to have quality, usefulness and relevance for their audiences”

“Not every app makes sense for mobile, but if you are a biz person you have to consider it at every step.”

“Internet is the value. Web is the tool. Mobile broadband is a unifier.”

Josh Macht, Group Publisher, Harvard Business Review Group

“Get close to your customers, but also get close to those outliers who should be your customer.”

“You have to ask how you created value in the first place before you think about value in the new world.”

“As publishers, we have to ask “What can the content become?” and “What do people want to DO with the content?”

“The organization has to be ready to disrupt itself, upend itself. Mobile is part of who we are”

“You don’t want to be blindsided by fine tuning your offering and missing out on the real value.”

“Consumer behavior is about convergence between multiple devices. Content is the important piece, not the device”

Dr. James Tracy, Headmaster, Cushing Academy

“Educational institutions have to be their own self-disruptors. Institutions have to have adaptability built in.”

“Mobile brings ubiquity. That ubiquity is temporal, spatial, individual, collective, universal, and connected.”

“Quality does lead to a quantitative revolution. Can we include quality content in cell phones & every device, globally?”

“We needed more librarians (and mobile availability) to help our students navigate this new landscape of content.” 

“You have to be nimble at understanding the functional meaning of changes (like mobile)”

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