August 7, 2015

The Ballad of Ryan Evans

‘Twas in the Town of Water in 1995,

The stuff on our computers began to come alive.

But we needed geeks from the halls of MIT

To make the pictures dance and to set the pixels free.


The young Ryan Evans knew his megabytes.

He could write long lines of code and get the numbers right.

But he wanted to tell stories like he saw on the big screen,

So he joined up with Corey (though he didn’t know what it would mean).


At first we did the CD-ROMs and demos for TV,

But the Internet got visual with lots of stuff for free.

The modems they were slow and the interfaces stank

But we saw the opportunity, and we took it to the bank.


The World Wide Web exploded and heads began to swell.

Everyone with a dot-com had something big to sell.

The bubble grew so quickly that everyone felt smart,

But Ryan saw through the haze that UX was at the heart.


Then the meltdown happened, it came on pretty fast.

We got hammered big time, but we had the cash to last.

Many techies we let go, but when the dust had cleared,

Ryan was still with Corey, valued and revered.


His coding life behind him now, usability is his trade;

Even the most gnarly sites leave Ryan unafraid.

Every surface of the screen must pay its way or die,

And every Corey design must submit to his expert eye.


Ryan is a humble soul, he wears his brilliance light,

He has the user in his sights, he wants to make things right.

Both colleagues and his clients respect his sound advice.

They don’t know how whacked he is, because he’s so damn nice.

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