September 15, 2010

Q&A with Steve Clem, Executive Director, AISNE

Giving kids the opportunity to receive the best education possible is always a top priority, so we were thrilled to work with the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE), an organization that provides educational leadership and relevant, responsive services to select New England Independent Schools. Their goal is to promote equity, excellence and collaboration within these schools and to help promote the message that AISNE schools, and all schools, have the potential to make our world better through their work to inspire, guide and educate children. Steve Clem, the Executive Director of AISNE, gave us some insight into AISNE and what he liked most about working with us as we developed crisp messaging and revamped their online experience. Enjoy and make sure to check out their Web site at

Why did you decide to hire Corey as your branding firm?

We were very impressed that Corey had gone way beyond the usual cookie cutter presentation and had studied the material we submitted and had, in fact, actually begun to define some possible strategies.

What was the most important message you were looking to convey with AISNE’s new branding and user experience?

We wanted the families with enough interest in independent schools to be engaged, educated and moved to action once they got to our site. Our goal was to increase the number of inquiries at our schools.

What was the most thoughtful insight about AISNE that Corey presented to you?

There were many. Perhaps the most important one was helping us understand that, for families, AISNE itself was not at all important; what was important was our schools.

What did you like most about working with Corey?

Smart, creative people who created and stuck to–and made us stick to–a schedule that advanced the work and sustained our momentum.

What do you like most about working with AISNE?

The opportunity to be of service on a daily basis to terrific folks who work with kids.

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