April 13, 2011

Q&A with Mary Shea, Project Manager, and John Bogan, Designer


We’re pleased to introduce the newest members of the Corey team—Mary Shea, Project Manager, and John Bogan, Designer. Read our Q&A’s with them and learn more about the voices behind the Corey brand. For more on Mary and John, read the press release then, check out our video showing more of our team of talent and the amazing work they produce.


Q & A with Mary Shea, Project Manager

What do you do at Corey?
I am a project manager at Corey, which pretty much means I’m a jack-of-all-trades.

How long have you worked at Corey?

Well actually I’ve been back at Corey for about five or six months. I was with Corey about a year before that, but I took a brief hiatus in Italy. While it was definitely tough to leave Italy, coming back to Corey was a wonderful and warm experience for me.

What were you doing in Italy?

I was working as a marketing consultant for a wine producer in Tuscany.

Having worked in agencies in the past, you have been exposed to the world of brands and have a good sense of branding. So what is your favorite brand?
Zappos is one of my favorite brands. That may come more from my experience with the brand, and their customer service is absolutely fantastic. They’re the best that I’ve been exposed to.

So that’s your favorite brand, what does branding mean to you?
Branding means really nailing down that key differentiator for a company or organization that maybe they didn’t realize before and getting them to think about it differently.

And now you know I have to ask what does thoughtful mean to you?

Thoughtful for me is taking a step back and being deliberate about things, not being reactionary.


Q & A with John Bogan, Designer

What is your job at Corey and what does it entail?
I am a designer by day and at night I am a superhero. No, just kidding. I’m in a band.

What makes a brand successful?
The most successful brands are those that always feel emotionally right.

Do you have a favorite brand?

One I saw recently was for the city of Melbourne Australia. It was beautifully done because it’s very dynamic. It changes with every application but still retains its space, feeling and, most importantly, its brand.

What does thoughtful mean to you?

For me, thoughtful design isn’t something on the surface level. Clients don’t always know exactly what it is about their brand that makes them special. Being thoughtful is knowing how to find what makes something special. Being thoughtful is knowing how to really dig into companies, explore, find and then showcase that something.

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