April 6, 2010

Q&A with Emily Bottis, Director of New Media and Technology

Emily Bottis, Director of New Media and Technology

We are excited to introduce Emily Bottis, formerly with the Boston Science Museum. Emily comes to us with an in-depth understanding of technology. Learn more about Emily in this recent Q&A with her. Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Why did you decide to join Corey McPherson Nash?
As a technology professional I was excited to join Corey because I know their solutions are rooted in thoughtful marketing and business strategy. Creating any type of interactive, be it a website, mobile application or Facebook game – with well defined goals and strategy makes the end product much more usable and valuable. Corey also has a very strong and distinctive visual sense and I was excited to become part of their creative process and to combine technology with their outstanding design.

What does the word “brand” mean to you?
Brand to me is a living and changing embodiment of a company’s products, ideals, and actions. This definition really shines with social media – I love the idea of a brand following people, having friends, expressing opinions, and retweeting, etc. – it makes brands seem more approachable and alive.

What are your favorite brands?
Apple, of course! And Patagonia and HBO. I also like how social movements are branded, especially the “buy local” and slow food movements.

What are three things that make a brand successful?
1. Purpose. Brands need to do something and stand for something to be relevant and draw interest.

2. Attention to detail. Details matter across all the brand touch points. From pixels to serial commas, brands that pay attention to the small things seem to get the bigger things right.

3. Consistency. As ubiquitous contact becomes more and more prevalent across devices and sites, it is important for brands to be consistent in quality and message across platforms. It doesn’t make sense to have a great brand experience in person and then have a terrible iPhone application. Brands also need to play to the strengths of these different platforms.

Outside of work, what are your passions?
I come from a family of farmers so growing vegetables and gardening is a very strong passion. My family and I compete (mostly with each other) at country fairs with the produce we grow. It is old fashioned and hilarious – my mother is the big winner in the family. I am also into photography – I recently purchased an old Brownie camera from the 1950’s and have enjoyed shooting with it.

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