December 17, 2010

Q & A with Keurig VP & General Manager- At Home Division, John F. Whoriskey

Corey has enjoyed the great privilege to work with Keurig over the past two years on a number of branding initiatives for their At Home and their Away From Home divisions. Our work has run the gamut from brand strategy and corporate identity to packaging, direct mail and ads. We sat down with John Whoriskey, Vice President, General Manager of Keurig Coffee’s At Home division, to hear his thoughts on how Corey helped perk up the Keurig brand.

1. What most impressed you about Corey’s pitch to Keurig?

John: When we were going through the evaluation process with Corey and others, there was competition. Corey was well prepared and did their homework and showed they  knew our business. They could relate to the assignment and presented some very relevant ideas in the pitch. They did a lot of research, understood the challenge and conceptually had options that were well thought out.

2. How did Corey nail Keurig’s new brand position?

John: In two ways-through their comprehensive process and through the research. Corey convinced us what we had was really good.  But they showed us Keurig really needed to enhance our already strong brand position and make it even stronger, communicating our leadership position in a new category. Corey really brought our brand to life and presented it a more exciting and ownable way. The Keurig brand is now ownable.

3. In the past year that Corey and Keurig have been working together, what has been the most rewarding aspect of the partnership?

John: What we always look for in a good partner is a firm that is immersed in us and our strategy. A good brand partner is respectful to that and brings value to that. Corey demonstrated all these things and took what was good about the Keurig brand and made it even better. Their work brought us to a higher level, finding ways to improve and strengthen our branding.

4. What have been the biggest changes you have noticed in the Keurig brand before and after Corey’s efforts?

John: Corey built a really strong foundation for the brand and we can see it expressed consistently in all the other Keurig brand expressions and consumer touch points-the packaging, the brewers, the K-Cup, merchandising and the Keurig-brewed work. We’re in a much stronger place since Corey has worked on our brand than we were before.

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