October 26, 2010

Making the Most With Mobile – Join Us in Cambridge on November 3rd

Each year, we host an event for our clients to meet each other and exchange their point of view on a relevant and sizzling business topic. I really like this event – there are no canned speeches, no requisite slide decks but rather an engaged, active, provocative and spirited dialogue shared between energetic minds. Our only real criteria for this gathering, besides offering a peer networking venue for our clients, is that the topic and the venue must relate, in some way, to what we do at Corey.

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October 22, 2010

Notes on “Design 2014: Harnessing the Power of Design Thinking Now”

Branding and design professionals are constantly challenged to adapt to new technical, social and economic changes to remain relevant to their clients, so I was not surprised that when AIGA Boston offered a panel discussion in early October entitled “Design 2014: Harnessing the Power of Design Thinking Now,” it quickly filled up. Several members of our creative team at Corey were there to seek answers to the questions posed in the announcement: “How might we educate designers as problem solvers of the future? How might a designer evolve and look ahead in order to solve the future problems clients & business models pose? How does a creative business need to evolve to stay competitive and offer their clients competitive thinking?” The panel represented a wide range of the professional landscape. Moderated by Angela Shen-Hsieh, the CEO of visual i/o, they included:

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October 20, 2010

Themetic Photographs

These two photographers caught our attention for their thematic series.

First up is the work of David Ryle. Ryle’s work spans all genres, but what really grabbed us was the Badly Parked Fiats series. Each photograph is humorous but also brilliantly captures the European urban sprawl.

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October 12, 2010

Usability Testing: It’s When and Not Why

Our clients often ask us why they should conduct usability testing with their website, mobile site or application. They say, “We’ve talked about the site endlessly and now it looks great! Why do we need to take the time to get more feedback before we launch?” Task-based usability testing is one of the best ways we have to understand how users will succeed and fail with an online experience. While we have a number of qualitative and quantitative tools that help us understand the mindset and behavior of site users, we can never be sure that the site will work for them until we recruit real users and sit them down in front of our work.

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September 29, 2010

September Conversations with Corey

Here is the third installment in our monthly series featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible people who work here. We ask four simple questions: What does branding mean to you, what does thoughtful mean to you, what’s your favorite brand and why do you work here?

Our third interview is with our yoga-loving, super talented, intern, (actually, since the recording of this video Ari has become an full Designer for us – that’s how much we liked his work!), Ari Weinkle.

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September 27, 2010

LEGO v. Harry Potter – Be dogged about your brand experience

I have two boys, one seven and one two. LEGO is all over our house: literally, pieces of World Racers and Power Miners on my dining room table, the bus and people who ride the bus on my floor, the word “LEGO” is one of the 30 words my two year old states repeatedly. We love LEGO in my house.

We love it because it is brilliant – methodical in approach, clear in direction, surprising in its outcome. It is creative and encourages open play. Kids of all ages can tear apart their models and mash them up with other sets.

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September 15, 2010

Q&A with Steve Clem, Executive Director, AISNE

Giving kids the opportunity to receive the best education possible is always a top priority, so we were thrilled to work with the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE), an organization that provides educational leadership and relevant, responsive services to select New England Independent Schools. Their goal is to promote equity, excellence and collaboration within these schools and to help promote the message that AISNE schools, and all schools, have the potential to make our world better through their work to inspire, guide and educate children. Steve Clem, the Executive Director of AISNE, gave us some insight into AISNE and what he liked most about working with us as we developed crisp messaging and revamped their online experience. Enjoy and make sure to check out their Web site at www.aisne.org.

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August 26, 2010

What We're Reading (and Watching) This Week

August 25, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Corey partner, Andrea Naddaff, recently wrote an article on branding in “Independent Agent” magazine, a publication whose readers include a national alliance of 300,000 business owners and their employees who offer insurance and financial services products.

Did you know that your brand speaks volumes before you do? Have you stopped to think about what your brand is telling prospects and clients before you even say a word? Does your brand convey the attributes that you sell—trust, caring and responsibility? In today’s world, where people are constantly bombarded with noise, it’s worth stepping back to think about how (and if)… every element of your brand is consistent and clear.

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August 20, 2010

Q & A with social entrepreneur, Alex Bernadotte, founder of Beyond 12 (formerly CollegeSUCCESS)

We always love doing work for nonprofits and we recently finished developing a nonprofit brand from the ground up. What was formerly CollegeSUCCESS will be Beyond12 in a few weeks once their new Web site and brand goes live. We sat down with founder and CEO Alex Bernadotte to ask her some questions about her company’s brand, her background, and Beyond12. Beyond12 is true social entrepreneurship–it is a national nonprofit organization looking to increase the number of first generation, underrepresented and low-income students who graduate from colleges and universities. If you have any other questions for Alex, please comment here.

Why did you decide to hire Corey as your branding firm?

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