June 23, 2016

My Unpopular Opinion: I Love the Instagram Re-Design

Meghan’s Mind: Thoughts of a Millennial- Instagram Redesign

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I’m going to play Devil’s advocate for a little bit- I love the new Instagram re-design, and here’s why you should, too.


The old Instagram logo was vintage, but Instagram has grown up and its logo did, too. When Instagram first launched, the app only featured square photos with less than ten filter options. Now, users can publish videos, nearly any size or shape of photo you choose- and with the help of Instagram brand apps- users can publish Boomerangs, time lapse videos, and collages. App users can choose from over a dozen filters, and make each one individualized by adjusting how much of an effect that filter has on the photo. That technology isn’t “vintage” at all, so with the growth of the app’s technology, the logo needed a modern kick into the 21st century.

The designers at Instagram were smart- they didn’t create an entirely new logo that was unrecognizable from their old one. They kept the same design elements of the camera logo, just simplified it (correlating with the design of the app’s new simplified user interface) and added a new color gradient. The same circles and rounded square make up the camera shape, and the new color gradient is inviting and modern, drawing users to click on the app when they see it among others on their phone screen.

The logo stands out against the slew of other apps, and it still maintains the Instagram brand elements with the camera features. When it comes to brand growth through design, Instagram nailed it.

For all of the nostalgic people out there- yes it’s sad that the vintage camera logo era is ending, but it’s just growing up- not going away completely. Users wanted more features that a vintage camera couldn’t give, and it would seem juxtaposed if you clicked on an outdated logo and opened up all of the technology and modernization that Instagram now offers.


The all-white-and-black interface puts more focus on the photos themselves, even the heart that pops up when you double tap a photo is now white- making the colors and elements in each user’s photo pop more than they did before. Instagram is more focused on UX, and the logo plays a part in that. Instagram is becoming one of the world’s largest social media outlets, every marketing guru’s best friend, and a canvas for the art of every user. Instagram grew up, just as every great company does- and their app design grew up with it.

Images from Tech Crunch.

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