November 30, 2016

Meet Saewon Park, our Senior Designer

“It has been amazing experience working at Corey. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and gaining invaluable insights with the team here!”


Q: Does your work have a source of inspiration? If so, what is it and how has it influenced your projects at Corey? We have a great culture at Corey. I love how we always come up with different ideas and keep moving forward.

Q: What are three things you have learned while working at Corey?

  1. What Branding is: Really listening to people and coming up with great stories around them.
  2. Working as a team.
  3. Being patient J

Q: Who is your favorite designer? When did he/she become your favorite designer and why? Dutch graphic designer Karel Kartens. His experiments with colors and shapes are just amazing.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a designer? Since I was young I have always interested in seeing how art played out as another language. I think this really influenced to be who I am now helping people communicating in different ways.

Q: Tell us something unique about yourself. Or tell us something that you like to do outside of work. These days, I’ve been traveling a lot. Being in different environments always gives me fresh ideas.

Q: What has been your greatest Corey experience? Working on various projects and pushing the boundaries every time.


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