May 11, 2010

Isis – A Brand Grows Up

Isis - Parenting Starts Here

“Our new logo connotes the circle of life and interlocking rings of community, education and products that our clients come to know and love – what a perfect visual,” said Jo McChesney, Co-Founder and CEO of Isis. “We are thrilled with the resulting brand identity that Corey McPherson Nash created for us – not only the logo but all of the physical elements – they clearly communicate our brand personality and promise to our core audiences, and will grow with us as we continue to evolve over many years to come.”

Isis Parenting was created to respond to the unique needs of expecting parents and new families. They combine the “best of everything” a parent and parent-to-be could need and put it under one roof, in comfortable centers filled with other new moms and dads who understand your life. Isis offers a wide range of childbirth, prenatal, pregnancy and new parenting classes for new & expecting parents.

When Isis needed help turning the pages to a new chapter in the Isis evolution – one that included a new name, recognizing the company’s support of expecting and new parents from pregnancy to pre-school – they turned to Corey McPherson Nash. The company really wanted to acknowledge that “parenting” involves moms as well as dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and the entire community and they trusted that Corey could capture that essence.

So what did Corey do? Here’s a quick overview of our process:

The goal was to build an inspirational brand synonymous with prepared parenting. We wanted to show a brand evolution that allows us to evaluate and address new channels and markets clearly and with a solidified message. Our assessment and process included:


Corey delivers on Isis promise to be the leading resource in parenting

  • The Flexibility: Broader-based or sub-brand system that allows for appeal to new channels and markets.
  • The Look: A new, more representative logo and updated visual brand identity.
  • The Tools: A professional collateral system that delivers the right (consistent) message for each audience.
  • The Experience: Internal excitement about, and alignment with, a well-defined, airtight brand.


As both a B2B and B2C brand, it was important to develop an identity system that anchors the brand in trust but allows for warmth with a wink.

  • Reinforce Isis as a “sincere” brand and the complete resource for expecting and new families.
  • One that resonates broadly to a diverse audience.
  • Communicate what Isis does (ranging from evocative to descriptive).
  • Stands the test of time, as Isis grows and expands their offerings.
  • Is flexible and easy to use; works well in multiple applications; commands presence and is easily identifiable from a distance; works well with and without a tagline; scales well, and works well in both color and black and white.


Since Isis’s broad audience includes healthcare professionals and a wide range of caregivers, the identity needed to look corporate as well as sincere.

  • Families and caregivers who are current or potential Isis clients (primarily upper middle class expecting and new mothers who are educated and an ongoing learners – also quality and brand-conscious. We also needed to consider an eventual expansion to a broader demographic model in the future).
  • Current and potential healthcare partners: CFO or director-level managers in hospitals/healthcare organizations, extremely busy, ROI focused.
  • OB’s, midwives, nurses, pediatricians
  • Current and potential employees
  • Investors


At Corey, we not only believe that a well-designed logo must express your brand, but it also must be well-crafted and work seamlessly in all media and all executions.


Convey that Isis truly cares about its mission and its customers:

  • Authentic; Nonjudgmental: Accessible, but not predictable or “mass-market”
  • Supportive / Helpful / Caring: Feminine, but not overly soft, sentimental or babyish
  • Personal / Individual: Creative and fresh


Convey that Isis is an expert resource for its customers, one to be trusted and relied upon for support:

  • Comprehensive: Extends well to multiple applications
  • Knowledgeable / Intelligent: Modern, hip and stylish, not trendy
  • Practical / Resourceful: Flexible
  • Trusted: Sophisticated, not elite or edgy
  • Community-based
  • Welcoming / Inclusive: Warm and fresh
  • Engaged: Vibrant and joyful

Please weigh in – what do you think of the brand evolution? Click here to see the full photo gallery of our work. Did we capture all of the elements above? Does the identity capture the Isis mission? Is there anything different that you would have done if you were the design firm? We’d love your feedback and ideas.

Corey’s project team for Isis: Andrea Naddaff, Partner; Phyllis Kido, Creative Director and Angelina Lazuk, Designer.

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