April 29, 2014

Ed Tech: The Next Big Thing (that’s been with us for decades)

After 30 years serving technology companies and schools, Corey has helped more than its share of innovators launch, position and establish their version of “The Next Big Thing.” So, we’ve taken a crack at taming the Ed Tech frontier. Based on form, function and need this table breaks the sector down to manageable chunks of promising products.





MOOCs An online course or variety of courses that are geared to an unlimited enrollment and participation, as well as open access via the web. Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Udacity, Udemy
Mobile Apps Downloadable applications for mobile devices (Apple and Android tablets and smartphones), ranging from iPad tutorials for teachers to  safe browsers for students, and from graphing calculator apps to a management app for students’ online portfolios –and most of them are free! Playrific, Edmodo, Schoology, School Improvement Network, MetaCert. 2U, Blackboard, Verivo Software, Localist
Mobile Devices Smartphones, tablets, e-readers Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD
Educational Games The use of game-like thinking and elements to improve motivation and learning. Math Ninja, Stack the Countries, PBS Kids, BrainPOP, Civilization Revolution, MH Practice
Practice & Assessment Multimedia, interactivity, and connectivity technology designed to assess important competencies and critical thinking. Mileposts (Silverback), Literatu, TE21, TenMarks
Hardware & Peripherals Special purpose PCs, classroom response and presentation systems, smart toys. Microsoft Surface, i>clicker, Adobe Captivate, Learning Resources
Collaboration Integrated technologies designed to help teachers and students connect and collaborate more effectively. Includes a wide variety of tools, including interactive whiteboards, media:scape by Steelcase, eBackpack, YuJa, Dropbox, and, Google Apps
Communication There are several varieties of Communication technology for education:

  1. Course content sharing (Visualizer);
  2. Alerts and notifications communications such as telephone alert systems (One Call Now); and
  3. socialization communication aids (Social Express).
One Call Now, ParentLink, Visualizer, The Social Express
Content Providers/Digital Textbooks Ranges from complete digital courseware, to online books and sharing course notes via online platform. Plato Courseware, Britannica School, StudySoup, Common Core Coach, Dynamic Books
Data Solutions Tools and systems that gather performance data online, to help educators track progress and need through that data at the state, local and national levels. Panorama Education, Mileposts, ADMS, eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® for PK-12
Learning Management Systems (LMSs) An LMS is a web-based solution for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of digital education courses and training programs. It is designed to automate the organization, delivery, communication and assessment steps and processes of various curricula. Schoology, Canvas, Connexus,

If you’re an investor, chances are you see Ed Tech providers as divided into four categories based on their target markets:
• Technologies targeting K-12 classrooms;
• Technologies/services focused on secondary education;
• Continuing education and professional learning; and
• Consumer-facing educational products and services.

Regardless of your perspective, its clear that the technology industry has not been satisfied to simply dip a toe into the challenge of helping schools do more with less. Rather, it is diving in cannonball-style and the splash is being felt throughout the industry and our educational system.

To learn more about the rapidly growing Ed Tech sector, here are few places you can visit:
Campus Technology, http://campustechnology.com/home.aspx

eSchool News, http://www.eschoolnews.com/

edSurge, https://www.edsurge.com/

EdTech Digest, http://educationtechnews.com

Huffington Post, Education Technology: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/education-technology/

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