December 5, 2012

Designers Connect through Cultural Exchange @ COREY

Friday, November 30th was far from typical at Corey McPherson Nash (COREY).
D Jeong, our creative director, welcomed Korean designers with 안녕하십니까 (annyeong hashimnikka) or Good Morning. Many of the Korean designers that attended had not known of her cultural background until she had started speaking in Korean during the small group sessions that coalesced at the COREY studio tour. The studio tour was part of DMI’s (Design Management Institute) “Advanced Design Management and Innovation Workshop” and COREY was delighted to host Korean designers, advertisers, and other industry attendees. The studio tour allowed participants to interact, network, and gain perspective into how other designers approach a business challenge.

COREY Studio Tour for DMI's Advanced Design Management and Innovation Workshop

Attendees shared discussions and spoke one-on-one with the COREY team while they reviewed our digital and print portfolios. Many of the attendees asked questions regarding the Keurig campaign and were interested to learn how the team was structured. Each attendee also admired our shadowboxes while touring COREY’s colorful space.

The Korean designers had no idea they would encounter a cultural exchange and were intrigued by D’s presentation of case studies in Korean. They also were pleased to help her translate some industry related terms. Korean designers work many hours of overtime per week with sixty being the norm. They were astounded that many designers at COREY work only forty hours per week. There was also a cultural divide when one of the Korean designers asked D her age. In Korea, it is okay to ask that question when you meet someone for the first time since it establishes seniority within a group. If you were a Korean attendee you know the answer!

DMI strives to connect educators, researchers, designers and leaders from every design discipline and every industry around the globe. The five-day long event enabled participants to gain insights into challenges within the design community as well as challenges designers face within their own company.

COREY was honored to be a part of this workshop and to share our thoughtful design work with other business leaders, designers and advertisers.

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