September 30, 2014

Corey’s List of Thoughtful Reads on Visual Content

September 2014

Download and save this list as a PDF file: 9-14 Thoughtful Reads_Visual Content. If you would also like to download our related “List of Thoughtful Reads about Data Visualization,” you may also click here.


Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia (The Bestselling Classic, Revised and Updated)

by David McCandless

Just incredible. If you’ve been meaning to get this book, what are you waiting for? Revel in the color, style and rather ingenious approach to making all things understandable. This book is a feast for the eyes and mind. And don’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite gift for creative friends and colleagues.


The New Way Things Work

by David Macaulay

Known for his quirky characters, engagingly humorous explanations and remarkable clarity, Macaulay’s visual content is really the star of his “Way Things Work” series. None of the explanatory devices would work without the large, colorful, and infinitely understandable drawings that accompany them. This latest entry tackles the digital age, from wristwatches to vehicles, and all the computer components that come with it.


Understanding USA

by Richard Saul Wurman

The text is informative, but the graphics are the true content of this iconic reference. Clear, simple illustrations deconstruct and depict enormous amounts of statistical information, and serve it to us in tapas-style morsels that are both easily understood and extremely enjoyable. And the variety is spectacular. Wurman has anticipated nearly every type of U.S. statistical data readers could want form political to social and everything in between.


The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand

by Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio

The authors work to draw a clear connection between visual content/communications and successful branding.  The images are rich and thought-provoking and the corporate examples are well-selected; providing an effective case study approach to better branding through visuals.


The Visual Marketing Revolution: 26 Rules to Help Social Media Marketers Connect the Dots  

by Stephanie Diamond

The author urges us to “jump straight into your customer’s powerful visual instinct, where 83% of all human learning is processed” by developing messages that can be communicated eloquently through imagery and visuals. Diamond teaches how to tell visual stories, create innovative images, videos and infographics, as well as use them on social media platforms. A practical and passionate volume on “doing visual content” well.


Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling

by Jason Lankow, Josh Ritchie, Ross Crooks

A do-it-yourselfer’s guide to creating intelligent and evocative infographics and data visualizations. Beginning with finding the story in your data, then communicate those stories with impact, this book covers a lot of ground very effectively.


A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling: How to Captivate and Engage Audiences Across Multiple Platforms

by Andrea Phillips

Transmedia defined and deconstructed by the woman who “invented” (or at least perfected) the multi-platform technique. This self-described “primer” covers the practical as well as creative considerations, discussing elements like funding and building a production team, alongside how to make the audience feel like a part of the story.


Download and save this list as a PDF file: 9-14 Thoughtful Reads_Visual Content. If you would also like to download our related “List of Thoughtful Reads about Data Visualization,” you may also click here.

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