October 30, 2013

Corey is selected to participate in Design Exchange Boston

The Corey team hosts a Branding Salon

Earlier this month, the Corey team went from Watertown to the Waterfront to engage with audience members at the first ever DxB (Design Exchange Boston) conference. DxB is a week of events and experiences celebrating the impact of collaborative, diverse, brave, and new design. The goal is to explore the ideas, work, and strategies that are currently shaping the Boston design culture.

We were excited to share our expertise and insight with anyone who presented their branding and design challenges at our workshop, the Corey Branding Salon. The 90-minute Salon began with introductions by the Corey team and the audience members, who were invited to share their branding and design challenges. But before the personal advising session, the Corey team presented our philosophy and approach to branding and offered detailed content while contextualizing the “Corey Criteria” for brands – Strategic, Essential, Practical, and Contextual. Each criterium was supported with real world examples and thoughtful discussion. Download our DxB presentation to see more.

Once the foundation was laid, participants were invited to present their work and their challenges. The informal critique turned into an involved group discussion where audience members chimed in to share advice or personal suggestions for each other’s challenges. They ranged from a high-school-age entrepreneur who is designing and branding campus-wide campaigns to end bullying and negativity, a designer that is changing a renown print publication’s look and feel, a sorority that is trying to develop a new logo and brand identity while still staying true to heritage, among many others.

The Corey Branding Salon was a unique way to create a dialogue with other designers and members of the innovative Boston community while facilitating group thinking and problem solving.

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