November 4, 2010

Cater to Your Customer – Join Us on November 10

Our Director of Experience Design, Ryan Evans, will be speaking at an event sponsored by MITX titled “Cater to Your Customer: Adapting User Personas to Social Engagement” on November 10th in Cambridge. We hope you can join us! Here’s some additional information about the event:

A company engaged in social media is a dime a dozen in 2010, but how many of those companies are in sync with the hearts and minds of their customers? Learn how to delve deeper into the opportunities of social media by understanding how to target users based on their attitude, goals, and behaviors. Capturing your audience’s attention at an almost subconscious level to address their needs and interests will be a necessity to effectively and consistently engage with consumers through social media.

User personas are a proven tool in the user-centered design process and as social media moves from marketing-focused to value-driven, user personas become an essential way for your designers and strategists to understand the people using your offerings, and to communicate that understanding to your whole team. Join this session to understand the creation and implementation of user personas in the development of a social media strategy.

The event is open to the public. Logistics information and registration are available on the MITX Web site

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