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June 30, 2014

Test Your Green Brand Smarts

How familiar are you with the world’s top green brands? Here’s your chance to find out. Download our quick quiz and see. You might be surprised.

Green Brand Quiz

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6 Myths About Sustainable Brands

The Corey team learned a lot about sustainable business and development while working with IFC (International Finance Corporation). But one of the most surprising things we learned was the degree to which even the most ardent proponents of social and environmental responsibility harbor misconceptions about what Sustainability really is.

New England has traditionally been a hotbed of sustainable brand development. Some of the  most recognized and respected brands in the region include:

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High Meadows Institute

Social Enterprise – Nonprofit

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IFC (International Finance Corporation), Member of the World Bank Group

SUSTAIN: Cutting-edge Business Solutions Magazine

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May 28, 2014

Data and the Designer: Michael McPherson shares his thoughts on Data Visualization

People from all walks of scholarship, research, and business have sought more meaningful ways to analyze and communicate data since 2nd century Egyptians organized astronomical information into more easily scan-able charts to aid navigation. Today, for a variety of reasons – from the need to interpret Big Data to the dominance of mobile interfaces, data visualization is a hot topic.

We recently sat down with Michael McPherson, partner and creative director of Corey McPherson Nash, to talk about how he became interested in data visualization as both a designer and business person.

May 22, 2014

“Great mentors, educators and sources of inspiration matter most.”

Sharing Passion for Design

When asked about his early design mentors, Corey Creative Director Aaron Haesaert said, “I absolutely still think about them. Great mentors, educators, and sources of inspiration when it mattered most.” That is why Aaron decided to return to his high school alma mater in western Massachusetts. In partnership with his former Belchertown High School art teacher, Aaron discussed design, branding, and the educational and professional opportunities in the field that exist for high school students.

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“This is how designers party”


Ready, Set, Design!

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April 29, 2014

Got MOOCs?

Ed Tech: The Next Big Thing (that’s been with us for decades)

After 30 years serving technology companies and schools, Corey has helped more than its share of innovators launch, position and establish their version of “The Next Big Thing.” So, we’ve taken a crack at taming the Ed Tech frontier. Based on form, function and need this table breaks the sector down to manageable chunks of promising products.

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March 31, 2014

Powerful in Pink


What do T-Mobile, Barbie, Evian, Dunkin Donuts, Victoria’s Secret, and LG have in common?

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