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January 30, 2015

Branding the Cause

Activists create slogans to rally like-minded individuals, to generate awareness, and express their support for an issue or cause.  Slogans are, in fact, the key message for the issues they represent. They are propagated by the news media and individuals via social media, often expanding their reach on a global scale at the speed of the Internet.

The most effective slogans serve the same function as taglines, conveying attitude, personality, and information of the cause with an emotional undercurrent. As in business, they can be associated visually with specific graphics elements, like colors and images, forming a readily discernible logo; as in the case of “Boston Strong.”

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Of Note: 2015 Color of the Year

The 2015 pantone color of the year is “Marsala.” Selected by the Pantone Institute®, this year’s color is described as “earthy yet stylish” and suitable for a wide range of applications from fashion and beauty to industrial design.

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December 11, 2014

2014: Brand Engagement is The New Black

In 2014, savvy brands throughout business, education, healthcare, nonprofit and retail sectors began buying into brand engagement in a major way. Retooling their web sites, adding social, mobile and content strategies to their arsenals, the new goal became creating dialogs with customers/prospects, positioning expertise, generating confidence and trust, engendering loyalty, and sometimes simply capturing the consumer’s attention for five more seconds. Gallup’s recent study of Customer Engagement trends and results revealed organizations that successfully engage their customers realize 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher wallet share, and roughly 50% higher productivity.

In Tribute

During the past year, we lost several designers and creative innovators whose work has consistently inspired, amazed and informed us. The following is a tribute to these colleagues, friends, mentors and icons, and to their legacy.

Rene Burri

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November 25, 2014

WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT … to Receive the Corey Newsletter?

Corey’s next newsletter is a special end-of-year issue, combining November and December.

In it, we take a look back at the year in branding, strategy, messaging, design, UX and digital. And, as always, you can expect more great case studies. This issue features work for companies in multiple industries and sectors. The work ranges from digital to print, and messaging to UX.

It’s our last newsletter of 2014, so don’t miss it.

Not a subscriber yet? Or know someone who should be? No worries. Just click here and let us know.

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September 30, 2014

Content Matters

Pictures take a direct route to our long term memory. Not only do we process them rapidly, but they stay with us.

Today, over 27 million pieces of content are generated and shared daily. Content is not only ubiquitous, it comes in many different forms:  text, visual, data, audio, interactive, video, user generated, podcast, etc.

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Corey’s List of Thoughtful Reads on Visual Content

September 2014

Download and save this list as a PDF file: 9-14 Thoughtful Reads_Visual Content. If you would also like to download our related “List of Thoughtful Reads about Data Visualization,” you may also click here.

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Corey Comes to IABC in October

Andrea Naddaff to Address International Association of Business Communicators’ 2014, Heritage Conference

“If Content is King, Visual Content is Queen: Using Visual Content Strategy to Improve Customer Engagement”

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Q&A with Paige Brewster, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Boston University Academy

September 10, 2014

Is Content Still King?

September is Visual Content Month

Each month the Corey team focuses its attention on a relevant topic central to branding. This month we address how content and content clutter play a role in strengthening or weakening brand engagement.

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