June 1, 2010

A "Typefacing" Good Time

A week and a half ago, we at Corey hosted AIGA’s AFTA event at Barlow’s in South Boston for an evening of libations and a thoughtfully good time. AFTA is an agenda-free, social gathering of creative people in Boston area. Each month, a volunteer firm selects a location to host the event after work.

To help folks mingle and strike up conversation with strangers (which, as many of us know, does not come naturally to everyone), we created a game called Designergram, based on the ever popular “Bananagrams” game. Here’s how our game worked:

Each attendee selected a very cool designed letter printed on a circular sticker and wore it on his or her clothing. They were asked to form any word or phrase with other people and their letters, then take a picture and email it to us.

Real at AFTA!

Our goal was to engage the local Boston design community in an informal and easy way; the concept of AFTA itself, paired with the Designergram and our request for attendees to submit their photographs, is centered around social connection and immersion. When the event brought social media to an intriguing level, we knew we had succeeded: Throughout the evening, photos and updates from AFTA would appear in real-time on the Twitter and Facebook feeds of those in attendance and their friends. One of our favorite Tweets, for example, was a photo of eight people lined up to spell “Typeface” with the accompanying text, “You know you’re with designers when…”

And, everyone had a wonderful time; we have photographic evidence.

Our Flickr page for the event

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