February 24, 2010

A Rotten Apple

Apple iPad

When Apple launched the much-anticipated iPad last month, Twitter and the blogosphere went crazy discussing the new product. But the attention was probably not what Apple was banking on.

The product name received as much, if not more, attention than the product features and pricing. While Apple was clearly trying to tie the name to its existing product line of iTouches, iPhones and iPods, they seemed to misread how the market might respond to a product called the iPad.

Within minutes of Steve Jobs revealing the product, the online community was making jokes associating the new device with feminine protection. A YouTube video mocking the name quickly went viral and iTampon was a trending topic on Twitter.

These spoofs were all in good fun, but some more serious treaties of the product asked the question, did Apple consider women when naming the product and does the tech giant employ any women on its development team?

With women comprising 51 percent of the population and controlling at least 85 percent of consumer purchasing power, it behooves any company to consider the female perspective when bringing a new product to market. Apple is known for its quality, elegant products that appeal to both genders. By any account, we would normally consider them to be a “thoughtful” brand. But being thoughtful means considering all aspects of a brand starting with the name. In the case of the iPad, Apple didn’t have its “i” on the ball.

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