November 15, 2011

5 Things We Like About Movember

Clearly, I have been missing much since 2003 since I only heard about Movember this month. Movember began in 2003 by a bunch of inspired (and brilliant) Australians. Movember is an international movement to bring attention to men’s health issues, mainly prostate and other men’s cancers through individuals growing mustaches.

Here is why we find Movember brilliant:

  1. It’s about men’s health and it’s not Viagra. With the dominance of other, worthy, ambitious and wonderful health awareness issues like breast cancer awareness and the color pink, you don’t find too many men’s health issues brought to our attention. Unless, of course, it is erectile dysfunction, but speaking for myself, I have heard about that issue enough for a lifetime.
  2. Low barrier to entry. In contrast to many other fundraisers that require a minimum amount of funds to raise or an enormous amount of time to work out for a year or so, Movember just asks men to put away the razor for a month. You don’t have to be fit or rich or well connected, you just need to care.
  3. Movember is a movement with you. It embodies every tenet of being social. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas unite to raise awareness , funds, and become part of a bigger community – all for a bigger cause. At the end of the November, there are many Movember parties around the world to focus on the cause and have fun with similar minded people. Participate and there is an immediate sense of efficacy and purpose. You know how many men are participating by running a search on Instagram #Movember.
  4. Built in (and cheap) advertisement. It’s not the 70s. If you have a mustache, people will notice and ask what is going on. It is a simple and powerful way venue to tell people what you’re doing and why.
  5. Grabs the imagination. Having facial hair creates a framework to promote your cause. Watch it grow. See what the mouth is saying. See how many types of mustaches in the world there can be. Be inspired. Be involved, Be WOW-ed

Hats off to you, Movember. We’re in.

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