May 22, 2014

“Great mentors, educators and sources of inspiration matter most.”

Sharing Passion for Design

When asked about his early design mentors, Corey Creative Director Aaron Haesaert said, “I absolutely still think about them. Great mentors, educators, and sources of inspiration when it mattered most.” That is why Aaron decided to return to his high school alma mater in western Massachusetts. In partnership with his former Belchertown High School art teacher, Aaron discussed design, branding, and the educational and professional opportunities in the field that exist for high school students.

Forty high school juniors and seniors, with varying degrees of focus in the studio arts, attended the presentation. Haesaert said, “The interest in speaking at my former high school was something I had been considering for years. Having come from a small town where exposure to creative opportunities outside of traditional studio arts was limited, I know firsthand how valuable lectures like these can be.” Aaron was inspired to return to his roots and provide students with ideas to open the door for further investigation into the design discipline.

The talk centered on Aaron’s personal experiences as a student, designer, and his current position as a Creative Director at Corey McPherson Nash. He also provided context for the various design disciplines in the profession. “Most public schools at the high school level aren’t educating or preparing students for an educational of professional path into design, so many students either end up pursuing a more traditional studio-focused path, or leave the arts behind completely,” said Haesaert.

Aaron’s words of wisdom help to motivate this group of young talent and we look forward to seeing great things from them in the future.

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