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Corey McPherson Nash Designs New Web Site for Independent Schools Association

Watertown, MA. September 14, 2010 –- Corey McPherson Nash (Corey) , a leading national branding and design firm based in Watertown, Massachusetts, recently developed brand messaging and a new online experience for the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE), a Braintree, Massachusetts based educational not-for-profit organization.

Corey developed new messaging and design concepts for AISNE’s Web site as part of an overall brand strategy project. With the goal of building a brand around the value of an independent school education, the new Web site communicates the end benefit of independent schools to students, families and educators. Steve Clem, AISNE’s executive director, says, “Perhaps the most important insight Corey offered was in helping us understand that, for families, AISNE itself was not at all important; what is important is the schools we work with.” AISNE, founded over 30 years ago, works to strengthen the community of these independent schools through accreditation and collaboration among them.

“In this climate, the benefits of independent schools are often over shadowed by cost-related apprehension,” said Corey partner and Creative Director, Michael McPherson. “We worked with AISNE to address the concerns of various audiences to build an online experience that stresses the advantages of an independent education.”


Believing that schools have the potential to make our world better through their work with children, the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) provides educational leadership and relevant, responsive services to its diverse membership; promotes equity, excellence and collaboration within the New England independent school community; supports schools in their service to a broader public purpose; and advocates for the independence of member schools and the value of independent education.

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