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Corey McPherson Nash Partners With Renewable Fuels Company

Website shows how Sun Catalytix brings personalized energy to the world

Watertown, MA. March 11, 2010 –- Inspired by its client's transformational work, Corey McPherson Nash (Corey), a leading national branding and design firm based in Watertown, Massachusetts, recently developed a website for Sun Catalytix Corporation, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based early-stage renewable energy startup focused on distributed energy storage and renewable fuels. The new site highlights Sun Catalytix' s growing leadership position and commitment to green energy through inspirational imagery and clean, professional design.

In addition to showcasing Sun Catalytix cutting-edge work in the green-technology sector, the site serves to educate prospective stakeholders about the company and also educate visitors about the challenges of renewable energy and energy storage.

"Sun Catalytix is working to realize the dream of a sustainable energy future," said Andrea Naddaff, partner at Corey McPherson Nash. "In designing the site, our team at Corey used conceptual images from nature to demonstrate the literal production of fuels from renewable energy. The result is a site that truly reflects the company’s offering.”

About Sun Catalytix

Sun Catalytix, a distributed energy storage and renewable energy company, is developing inexpensive, safe, non-toxic, efficient catalyst technologies for storing solar energy to make it available when the sun is not shining. The catalysts mimic photosynthesis by using energy, captured from a photovoltaic cell or other source, to split water (H2O) into Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2). The company’s electrolyzers are different from conventional technology in that they can use a broad range of water sources – including unpurified fresh or salt water – in benign conditions and at transformatively low costs.

About Corey McPherson Nash

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