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Corey McPherson Nash Redesigns Web Site for Yankee Group Reflects Anywhere Connectivity Revolution

Watertown, MA. February 16, 2010 –- Corey McPherson Nash (Corey), a leading national branding and design firm, recently created a new user experience and streamlined Web site design for leading technology research firm, Yankee Group.

The new site at reflects the Anywhere Connectivity Revolution evangelized by Yankee Group. Anywhere defines the future where all people and all the things we care about will be connected, with broad-reaching impact to consumer and business relationships. To that end, Corey designed a site that reflects a strong sense of immediacy and relevance through transparent and community engagement tools, such as real-time commentary, RSS feeds and social media.

"Anywhere connectivity is transforming how we communicate and how we’ll conduct business in the next decade. Corey McPherson Nash’s design team translated that concept into a user experience that anticipates and capitalizes on the types of next-generation technologies and user behaviors explored in Yankee Group’s own research," said Shirley Macbeth, vice president of marketing and communications at Yankee Group.

About Yankee Group

The people of Yankee Group are the global connectivity experts–the leading source of insight and counsel trusted by builders, operators and users of connectivity solutions for 40 years. We are uniquely focused on the evolution of Anywhere connectivity, and chart the pace of technology change and its effect on networks, consumers and enterprises. Headquartered in Boston, Yankee Group has a global presence, including operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Visit

About Corey McPherson Nash

Corey McPherson Nash (Corey), a national branding and design firm, helps our clients connect better with their audiences through brand, print, interactive and social media communications. Founded more than 26 years ago, Corey is widely recognized for its thoughtful design and strategic insights.