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Corey McPherson Nash Helps FlyFi Connect Music Lovers with Music

Watertown, MA. April 20, 2009 –- Corey McPherson Nash (CMN) (, a leading national branding and design firm based in Boston, worked with FlyFi (, a website for connecting people with the music they love, to help create their user experience and new FlyFi brand. provides music lovers with a highly personalized experience for discovering music and people that share their unique musical taste. Users can create playlists via FlyFi’s music discovery process that include free streaming of popular tunes, and legal MP3s from established and emerging artists that are free to download and keep. Custom playlists and newly discovered songs and artists can easily be shared with other music lovers directly from the site.

“Corey McPherson Nash worked with FlyFi to create a place where music lovers could discover new music and enjoy the music they already love," said Andrea Naddaff, partner at Corey McPherson Nash.

"We're really pleased with the work Corey McPherson Nash did to help us create a great experience for discovering music. We provide several ways to discover music, including direct search, artist-influenced playlists, and smart playlists based on your iTunes library, Facebook or MySpace profiles. Corey McPherson Nash helped us find some elegant solutions to what could have been a very complicated Web site” said Barry Kurland, President and COO of Emergent Music, the creator of FlyFi.

About FlyFi

FlyFi helps artists and music audiences find each other. FlyFi sifts through an abundance of music and provides targeted, personalized music recommendations that are more varied, cross-genre and precise than other recommendation engines. The service matches users with other users that have a similar taste in music, and utilizes this process to provide automated word-of-mouth recommendations across users that draw on the wisdom of the community and each user's unique and evolving taste in music. FlyFi offers a new and efficient promotional model for artists by finding out what music people love and introducing the right artists to them. Visit FlyFi online at: FlyFi, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

About Emergent Music

Emergent Music is the company behind FlyFi. Based in Maine, Emergent Music was founded and is managed by a group of veteran technology and music industry executives and music lovers. Emergent Music’s Recommendation and Taste-Targeting and Music Awards technology is available through This technology can easily be integrated into partner websites to enhance the experience of their users, and help them achieve their business goals.

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