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Boston Globe: iRobot hires Watertown branding firm

WATERTOWN, Mass - April 16, 2008 - How do you brand a robot maker? That's the challenge for Corey McPherson Nash, or CMN, a Watertown branding firm that said it has just been hired by iRobot Corp., the Burlington company that makes both household and battlefield robots.

Photo of Roomba with dog

CMN said its mandate is to create a cohesive brand strategy between the company's two divisions, which make such divergent products as the PackBot, which scouts hostile terrain in combat situations for US military personnel, and the Roomba, which will robotically vacuum your rug.

(A beauty shot of a vacuuming robot is shown at left. Watch out, Fido! That Roomba could be coming your way.)

In a statement, CMN said that its charge is to develop an "overall brand book that expresses the DNA behind iRobot" while successfully linking the market identities of the company's consumer and government/industrial divisions.

The undertaking will include overall brand strategy, comprehensive messaging, and systems design that will ensure both visual and verbal consistency, CMN said.

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