Corey McPherson Nash

Ryan Evans

Director of
Experience Design

Thinks it would
be great
if every email came
with a prize
at the bottom
like a box of
Cracker Jacks?

Ryan’s Info

As a former president of the MIT Caving Club, Ryan is just as curious offline as he is online. At the MIT Media Lab, where everybody is expected to: invent a better future, Ryan developed a passion for how people use the web. He also earned his MS in Media Arts and Sciences, and his BS in Computer Science and Engineering while there. Today, Ryan continues to lead us down the path of curiosity, which brings the team to a constant state of reaching and resetting user experience goals. His wealth of experience means he's thought about every user's experience from every possible angle. And when he wants to remind others to think about things differently, he shares his kaleidoscope. And no, that's not a metaphor.