Corey McPherson Nash

Michael McPherson

Partner & Creative Director

Thinks it would
be great
if you could just
know stuff without
having to learn it

Michael’s Info

Over the years Michael has taught us the art form of striking a balance. Between reams of Fig Newtons and categorizing M&Ms to his liking, he truly is the master of keeping things at an even pace. Right now he's pondering the next big thing while keeping our day-to-day going strong and it's no surprise this deep thinker started as a philosophy major when you consider he values his time near the ocean so much that he commutes from Hingham to Watertown every day. Yes, every day. Michael continues to raise the bar so he can challenge not only himself but also everyone here - and we love it. Michael has his MFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design and his BA in Philosophy from Reed College.