Corey McPherson Nash

Andrea Naddaff

Partner, Vice President,
Business Development

Thinks it would
be great
if fishing
was catching

Andrea’s Info

Andrea has been building client relationships and advising on brand issues at Corey for over 20 years. She works directly with clients to ensure their vision and strategy are executed to their standards and she knows a good thing when she sees it - a skill she cultivated from a young age. She began honing her bright and curious mind while attending Milton Academy. From there she earned her BA in Psychology with a Minor in English from Mount Holyoke College and her Masters in Communications from Simmons. She loves to expand her knowledge through her passions. And while her curiosity takes her to museums and even skydiving, she strikes a balance with old movies starring Charles Laughton or Bette Davis, or dishing a good issue of People magazine. Andrea's spirit simply doesn't allow for sitting still, and maybe that's why one of her daydreams is on the flipside: to read an issue of the New Yorker in one sitting.